TEMPUR material features a unique cellular structure. Billions of independently moveable micro-cells exchange air (breathe) through open windows as they reshape and conform to absorb the pressure exerted by your body weight. TEMPUR cells are consistently the same size and shape throughout resulting in unsurpassed consistency of feel and long lasting qualityThe high density and superior manufacturing process of TEMPUR® material ensures it will return to its original shape time after time. Our one-sided mattresses never need to be flipped, rotated or turned and are backed by a 20-year limited warranty. Body impressions are ancient history!
Serta’s exclusive Continous Support Innerspring is designed using rows of continuous coil springs that run head to toe. Each coil attaches to its neighbors, giving the entire innerspring more stability and durabilty for optimal performance. The posturized design provides optimal support shoulder to hip where the body weighs the most. The head-to-toe construction works to reduce motion transfer from one sleep partner to another. Serta’s continuous posturized support innerspring provides supperior support along the entire length of the body and works to maintain proper spinal allignment throughout the night.
Premium Edge Bedframe with the all tubular design, quite possibly the world’s most perfect bed frame with a limited Lifetime warranty. Perfect for premium mattress sets, and 2 adults sleeping every night comfortably. The Edge Bedframe available in all sizes offers the most support with 3 center support bars helping distribute weight evenly and preventing sinking, rolling together, and known as the ridge buster.