An adjustable base can help relive tension in the small of your back while supporting your spine and opening airways. Support should fit your body, lying flat on your back on a comfortable mattress merely supports your body. What if the foundation contoured to your body as well? Making even the most comfortable mattress mold and fit to your every contour.

The Bronze Level LifeStyles Power Base allows subtle or significant incline of your head and chest. This can make it easier to breathe, and makes sleeping much more comfortable. While a power base does have numerous medical benefits, as more American’s are working longer and harder, is is becoming a necessity to get the best possible night’s sleep every night. Power Bases are becoming more and more common for every day use, as they help us to optimize the comfort of the mattress set, creating the most comfortable and supportive environment to assure a great night’s sleep.
The Silhouette Lifestyles Power Base offers a gentle massage and wireless convenience, as well as foot and leg elevations. Comfort Position Memory and instant flat makes getting comfortable night after night a dream. When your new Silhouette Lifestyles Power Base is delivered and installed by our specialists it may be programmed and set to the height of your liking. Headboard attachment brackets come standard so your Silhouette can be attached to any bolt-type headboard, as well as installed inside the bed rails of practically any bedroom suite.
The Prodigy LIfestyles Power Base is the premier model in the industry. In addition to whisper quiet DC operation, 4 individual Comfort Position Memory Settings, the Prodigy boasts even wi-fi connectivity making your iPod Touch, or iPhone an additional controller for this premium power sleep system.  Dual massage, digital read out, alarm clock with wake to massage, or wake to beep, and multiple programming configurations make the Prodigy the most advanced Power base on the market, all while simplifying operation for the best rest of your life.