Comfortaire’s innovative product designs have been the benchmark of the air mattress industry for nearly 30 years. Through continued product development, they have recently introduced several innovative mattress designs that are truly redefining air sleep standards.

Original air mattresses designs utilized air chambers as support modules, much like a spring unit, deep inside the mattress. However, the advent of Comfortaire’s new low profile (urethane alloy) air cores and box top designs have allowed them to maximize the benefits of air by placing it at the top of the mattress where it can gently form to each unique body shape. In essence, support comes from premium Omalon support core below, and the air above allows for proper postural spinal alignment, while the top mattress cover supplies premium comfort.

Original air bed designs used thicker air chambers that required a perimeter support of stiffer foam to create an edge for the bed that you could sit on. Comfortaire’s new low-profile chamber allows them to extend the air chamber all the way to the edge of the bed for a full measure of comfort.

WhisperFlo 4200
Comfortaire’s patented WhisperFlo system takes the guesswork out of a variable firmness mattress. The WhisperFlo allows you to choose from 100 different levels of firmness, enabling you to find just the right fit for you. When you find your perfect fit, the exact firmness can be stored in memory so you can return to your favorite feel at any time.

The WhisperFlo unit utilizes a unique air-sealing valve, which maintains your air level over long periods of time. In fact, the valve uses your body weight to help seal the system, guaranteeing a great seal. It also uses a ball bearing, variable speed motor that not only precisely controls motor speed – getting you to your exact firmness, but also lasts a lifetime.

The Comfortaire sleep system conforms to your body: pressure points are relieved; you toss and turn less, and sleep more soundly. Air supported sleep lets your body properly relax and gives the support that will allow you to breathe and sleep more easily.