Exceeding your body’s needs

When you select a Beautyrest Black mattress, you deserve nothing but the latest technology and design. At the core of every Beautyrest Black is the Advanced Pocketed Coil springs and the Transflexion Comfort Technology.

Advanced Pocketed Coil Springs

These high-carbon steel springs are triple-wrapped, similar to a DNA double helix. What that means to you is increased strengthen, motion separation, and conformability that creates indulgent comfort to withstand the test of time. With Advanced Pocketed Coil springs, each coil is pre-compressed and wrapped in a durable, yet soft non-allergenic fabric. Unlike ordinary springs, Advanced Pocketed Coil springs are not joined at the top or bottom, so there is no “chain reaction” when you move. Instead, the springs instantly and individually respond to the exact shape of your body, providing both comfort and support to ensure an undisturbed night’s sleep.

The distinctive configuration of the Beautyrest Black spring system features rows of triple woven individually Pocketed Coil springs interspersed with rows of either firmer or softer Beautyrest Pocketed Coil springs. The result is increased strength and conformability in each mattress and the perfect fit for even the most discriminating taste – yours.

Transflexion Comfort Technology.

In essence Transflexion Comfort Technology, is the mattress you expect to feel, it is an innovation that actually make s a difference to your body. Transflexion Comfort Technology is the result of extensive research. It is a patented process that works the comfort foams before putting them into your Beautyrest Black mattress.

Think of it as a massage for your mattress to release its tension. The result is a better feel and more consistent comfort from the moment you get your bed home. So the bed that arrives in your doorstep feels like the one you tired in the store-and will maintain that wonderful feeling for the life of the mattress.

Advanced NXG Memory Foam

Select Beautyrest Black models feature Advanced NxG® Memory Foam. Advanced NXG Memory Foam not only responds quickly to your movements, but also dissipates heat to help keep you at your ideal sleeping temperature. The result is a mattress that provides the ideal combination of comfort and support—without feeling like you’re sleeping in quicksand.

Progressive Smart Latex

Select Beautyrest Black models also feature Simmons natural rubber tree based latex, which is soft yet supportive to help eliminate pressure points across your entire body. The Progressive design allows for more support and pressure relief the more pressure is applied, leaving you sleeping with maximum support and comfort for years. Not only is latex supremely comfortable and supportive, it is also hypoallergenic and naturally dust mite, mold and mildew resistant.